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Community Engagement & Outreach

Nearly every NCPI initiative—whether it’s training, technical assistance, program management, or any of the other many services NCPI provides—involves some form of community engagement.

In some cases, community engagement is the sole purpose of the NCPI initiative. NCPI has assisted numerous law enforcement agencies and communities nationwide in their efforts to build and enhance community partnerships, identify community issues and develop resolutions, define roles and priorities, and implement and evaluate community policing strategies and programs. In each case, NCPI has worked extensively with both public safety practitioners and community members—from start to finish, coordination to evaluation—offering facilitation of community forums, planning, subject matter expertise, and much more.

In other cases, community engagement is approached as a foundation for a larger or more specific public-safety initiative. Community engagement is quite simply a requirement for effective community policing and NCPI encourages and assists public safety agencies nationwide in building community engagement capacity and strategies into their larger public safety plans and operations.

Whether you’re a chief executive or academy director in need of a trustworthy curriculum development and content delivery partner; an officer or supervisor looking for training and resources to help support a local initiative or advance your career; or a state, regional, territorial, tribal or federal criminal justice governing body responsible for implementing large-scale public safety programs – or anywhere in between – we are here to help. 

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