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Despite all the issues with reliability, often, memories are the most important thing we have. Why? Because memories are the stories of us, individually and collectively. Good or bad, accurate or accurate-ish, they help shape perspectives, and the way we see the world – not just in retrospect but right now in this very moment.
If your goal is to just scratch through an item on your to-do list and move on to the next, then maybe a shortcut is worth the risk… but if it’s something that matters... think twice. Shortcuts always have consequences. Pursuing a shortcut for a quick result is an acceptance up front that something is lost long-term. A shortcut is an exchange – inevitably trading opportunities, capacity-building, even effectiveness for short-term gains. Opting for a shortcut shortchanges yourself for short-term results.
Names matter and getting them right is important. There is lots of research that points to the psychology associated with naming things. Naming something gives us a sense of understanding and even control over it. It also signifies value and importance. At NCPI, we know that names matter. So much so, that after 25 years, we recently changed our own name.
“What do you want to talk about?” This question is one of our favorites at NCPI. It’s often accompanied by a giant grin on the face of the person asking the question. It’s often received with laughter. And it always marks the beginning of something exciting.
This month marks NCPI's 25th anniversary in service to public safety professionals and the communities they serve. From our humble beginnings in 1997 as a Virginia-focused training provider, to our current role as one of the nation's premiere public safety training and resource developers, NCPI has: