Comprehensive Public Safety Curriculum Packages

At NCPI, the term “curriculum” is taken very seriously. More than a topic, course, or presentation, a curriculum is a complete body of researched and vetted content specifically designed for busy professionals.

NCPI’s Curriculum Packages include fully scripted and cited instructor manuals, participant guides, multi-media files, activities and exercises, and all the presentation materials needed to make high-quality training as simple as turning a key. NCPI’s Curriculum Packages cover a variety of timeless and pertinent topics and focus on principles and best-practices, ensuring applicability and relevance to any public safety audience.

Available for download and delivery by any academy or organizational training staff, or as part of a NCPI Training Delivery, our Curriculum Packages are the first and only step needed to unlock effective public-safety training and education.

Learn which Curriculum Packages may be right for your organization.

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