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Educational Content Development

Whether you need a video for an online community awareness campaign, instructor guides and lesson plans for in-house training delivery, audio and visual content to make your next prestation more engaging, or a fully customized training plan, NCPI is here to can help you deliver an engaging message that leaves a lasting impact. 

Our experienced team of subject matter experts, content creators, and curriculum developers have decades of experience in crafting customized, multi-media content for the nation’s leading public safety agencies and organizations.

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Curriculum Packages
Customized Curriculum
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Presentation Materials

More than a topic, course or presentation

NCPI Curriculum Packages

We take the term “curriculum” very seriously at NCPI. More than a topic, course, or presentation: a curriculum is a complete body of researched and vetted content specifically designed for busy professionals. 

NCPI’s Curriculum Packages include fully scripted and cited instructor manuals, participant guides, multi-media files, activities and exercises, and all the presentation materials needed to make high-quality training as simple as turning a key.

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One size does not fit all

Customized Curriculum

There is no shortage of training developers offering off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all public safety courses. But what if you need training on three different topics, but you can only afford to pay for one 8-hour session? What do you do if you need a combination of instructor-led curriculum and self-paced eLearning? Where do you turn if you need a specific number of hours of training to meet the demands of a public consent decree, but the only courses available take twice as long or cost too much? 

Whether you need someone to build curriculum you can deliver using your own staff, or whether you need a soup-to-nuts partner to develop and delivery training, the team at NCPI will work with you to develop and/or deliver training content tailormade to address the educational, budgetary, and logistical challenges facing your organization.

Bring educational content to life

Video & Audio Production

Our public safety partners can’t afford to have their messages miss the mark. Agencies of all sizes turn to NCPI for help in creating video and audio content that keeps their audiences engaged—from supplementary videos for in-house training delivery, to radio PSAs for victims of violent crime, advertisements for national awareness campaigns, and beyond.

Keep your audience engaged

Presentation Materials

Sometimes the only difference between a presentation or training event that sticks and one that flops is the quality of the supporting content. A great instructor or speaker can be undercut by subpar PowerPoints, audience engagement tools, imagery, flyers, or other similar materials.

Our team can help you create a wholistic package content that helps you and your team deliver messages that connect to your audience and hold their attention.

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