Live, Virtual STRIVE Training Dates Announced

STRIVE is a collaborative, 1-day virtual training event that explores how community-based efforts to prevent terrorism and counter violent extremism (CVE) fit into our nation’s law enforcement homeland security mission. 

Delivered in a live, virtual learning environment, the course brings together public-safety practitioners to learn and engage in meaningful discussions about the principles and practices that form the foundation of countering violent extremism in our nation’s communities.

NCPI delivered in-person STRIVE training to nearly 800 participants in 30 states in 2019-2020 as part of an award from FEMA and the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Federal funding ended shortly after, but the curriculum has only become more relevant in the last two years. We are excited to bring this training back at a time when agencies need it the most and in a format that addresses the challenges of training during COVID-19.

Learning Objectives

Utilizing guidance from the Department of Homeland Security on preparedness, along with the application of proactive community policing strategies, STRIVE participants will:

  • Develop an accurate, current, and well-informed perspective on terrorism and violent extremism in our communities.
  • Explore why terrorism and violent extremism occur, and detect the key environmental and social elements that enable and sustain it within a community.
  • Examine the merits of implementing a Community of Practice model as a tool for preventing terrorism and countering violent extremism at the community level.
  • Consider information-driven, community-based strategies that deny terrorism and violent extremism of its intended objectives.
  • Recognize the significance of resilience as a mechanism for dealing with fear, uncertainty, and disorder that terrorism and violent extremism can inspire.

NCPI's Hybrid Training Approach

NCPI combines the benefits of live, in-person training with the interactivity and flexibility of web-based learning to provide you with the a highly efficient and engaging experience.

Live Instruction

Interactive Training

Engaging Content

Our subject matter experts provide instruction and feedback in real-time, facilitate conversations between participants, and lead interactive group activities. By combining this familiar approach with individual assignments in a virtual learning environment, you’ll get the best of what NCPI’s proven web-based and in-person training has to offer.